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How to Use Social Media to Get the Job You Want

Gone are the days when people had limited opportunities to land their dream jobs. Social media platforms have enabled people with common interests to get together to share knowledge and create projects. The following are strategies that will allow you to utilize social media networks in your favor.

LinkedIn Profile

Many professionals have probably heard that having a LinkedIn profile is important when seeking a job. A LinkedIn profile makes you stand out and enables prospective employers to get a snippet of your professional life conveniently. In addition, LinkedIn joins many professionals worldwide, making it easy for job seekers to connect with organizations of interest.

Online Discussions

One advantage of social media platforms is that they connect people with similar interests from across the globe. Different groups exist online, particularly on Facebook and Twitter where professionals engage in debates about diverse subjects. Frequently contributing to these discussions will enable a job seeker to build a good reputation and command interest. You can also do effective networking to get to know people who work at the companies you dream of working for. According to CNBC, from half to 80% of the open positions are filled via networking. Your personal and professional connections are the most critical aspect to land a good position. Therefore, social media platforms are beneficial for talented people to reach critical managers and professionals who may assist you in getting your dream job.

Personal Brand

Social media accounts have enabled people to share their lives, albeit not all of it to their online audience. A personal brand enables a job seeker to show potential employers their professional life and their additional interests. An appealing online account can attract prospective employers. Consider your social media account your available resume to shine and attract talent hunters to make you offers.

Following Persons/companies of Interest

With the online space always crowded with news feeds and other content, it is challenging to keep abreast of changes or new information on companies and individuals one wishes to work with in the future. By following their accounts, one is continuously updated on any changes in the industry, the skills that are most sought after, the culture they espouse, and the availability of job opportunities.


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