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5 Challenges with Open-Plan Office Spaces

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

In today's business world, the design of open-plan offices is becoming increasingly problematic.

An open-plan office is a work environment where all employees have an unobstructed view of each other's work, as well as the work of their colleagues, because there are no walls or partitions surrounding the employee's workspace.

Every company has its own work schedule. For some, an open-plan office is a success, but for others it brings dozens of new problems.

So before you decide to set up an open-plan office, be aware of the following disadvantages.

1. Distraction due to noise

Due to the constant disturbance from colleagues' surroundings, open-plan offices can lead to lack of enthusiasm, stubbornness and poor quality of work.

The noise can come from the computer or phone calls. These factors cause individuals to be unable to focus on their work, which in turn leads to poor work quality.

The inability to isolate oneself from these many distractions can lead to a variety of difficulties.

2. Lack of privacy

When you work in an open-plan office, privacy is the most important aspect.

Since there are no walls or partitions between employees in these workplaces, everyone can easily keep an eye on their colleagues.

This leads to a loss of confidence as you are aware that you are being watched all the time and therefore cannot give your best.

3. Susceptible to illness

Another unspoken disadvantage that no one thinks about is that open-plan offices can be detrimental to employees' health.

As we all know, there are a deadly diseases such as the recent pandemic that we all fought, and since we all know how quickly it spreads, working in open-plan offices is extremely dangerous.

If one person is infected with a contagious virus, other employees who work in close proximity to each other can also become infected, resulting in poor health.

4. Conflict of interest

Another problem is that everyone gets used to heat and cold differently.

You may be cold and want to lower the temperature, but the colleague next to you is sweating. This can lead to a conflict.

5. Lack of concentration

Every department works differently. If you are working on something that requires concentration, but colleague next to you is taking office calls, you will not be able to concentrate.

This will undoubtedly affect the quality of your work. The lack of communication and teamwork in such offices is a big problem.


Open workspaces are inefficient in many ways.

Working in an open area can have a significant impact on company and employee productivity.

Everyone needs privacy at work, and if they do not have it, the effects will cause their performance to decline day by day.

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