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You received a Job Offer: Five Things to Consider Before You Accept it.

Do we all want a job with great vacation time, excellent salary, health insurance, company car, and other perks? Would you be willing to accept a job that offers all of these benefits? Of course, you would be thrilled to accept the offer. You would be super excited about the job offer and feel relieved and proud. You have always wanted that job, and all you want to do is pick up the phone and call to accept the offer. But then, you pick up that call letter and re-read it, and you find that the salary is as expected, but the pension contributions are lower than your initial perception.

Our advice is to think twice and analyze the company first and determine if it is the right fit. You deserve a job you don't need a vacation from. These are some of the steps you should consider taking before saying yes.

Access the informal notification of the offer

Your future employer will first send an informal notification letter that they have selected you for the job and will officially offer you the job in a few days. Don't be too hasty in accepting right away. Take your time to give a detailed response discussing your salary and other benefits with your employer and asking them when you will get an official offer. You can ask for additional details about the company at this time if you feel something's not right.

Access the official offer

Once you receive an official offer, be vigilant with accessing every tiny detail. Employers mostly call you to give the official proposal. You can ask them to send it in written form for reviewing purposes. Don't leave anything on verbal communication. Get everything in writing, your work hours, role, start date, salary, etc. Above all that, you should go with your gut feeling. You should ask yourself the most crucial question: Are you ready to take on the roles of the new job every day and full time? Whether the environment you would be working in is suitable for your peace of mind? What sacrifices are you willing to make regarding your personal life, and what cost?

You will spend most of your day at work, and if you are not happy with what you do at your job and how you do it, then it is better not to negotiate or accept the job offer. The things that you will love about your job are lunchtime, payday, PTO, vacations, benefits, and retirement.

Consider your career goals.

Every person has a career goal and concern about the future and where they want to be in the next few years. It would be best to think about your career goals before even looking for a job. Once you get a job offer, you should determine whether it will help you in fulfilling your long-term goals or not. Money is an essential factor when you accept the job offer but not as important as your satisfaction and happiness when doing the job being offered.

There should be room for improvement and promotions within the company, or you would be stuck in the same place your entire life. It would be best if you did not shy away from asking questions like whether the company is willing to let the employees learn new skills and grow or will be stuck doing the same job day in and day out.

Evaluate the salary and other benefits.

It would be hard to say No to something that pays good money. You would be very willing to accept an offer with great benefits and other perks like vacations, health, retirement, dental, etc. If a company offers a great package, it is a good sign and shows that the company cares for its employees and is doing well financially, and you are there for the long run. On the other hand, if the financial package is not good, you must dig into the company's well-being, or they might be too small to offer lucrative packages.

Culture and work environment.

The work environment and culture is the most vital point to consider when accepting a job offer. A toxic work environment likely changes you for the worst, and you are no longer the person you were when you started working in the company. Bad company can influence you negatively. Stick to your values and never let anyone weigh you down. If the environment and bad company is sucking the life out of you, then it is better not to accept that offer in the first place. Do some homework and ask around for details about the work environment.

There is no hard and fast rule about which job to accept and which to reject, but you know yourself better than anyone else. Assess yourself and trust your instincts because all you need is just a leap of faith most of the time.


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